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The Spire

Heritage Architecture with a Modern Twist
Built in 1957, the church at 87 Mann Avenue was home to many congregations over the years until its deconsecration in 2011. The building was purchased by Smart Living Limited in 2012 and was to be modified into a 56-unit, sustainable residential building that maintained as much of the existing heritage building's fabric as possible.
Photo: Gordon King
The original building was the work of local architect Auguste Martineau, who is best known for designing the former RCMP Headquarters in Overbrooke and his former residence in Sandy Hill (now the Embassy of Morocco).
Our team performed a detailed study of streetscapes within the neighbourhood to inform and develop a design that would be compatible with the character, massing, and scale of the surrounding buildings.
Photo: Gordon King
Photo: Gordon King
Photo: Gordon King
“Affectionately called The Spire, this revitalized building has infused new life into one of Sandy Hill’s landmark structures.”
Photo: Gordon King
The front façade and tower of the original church were retained, with minimal repair work completed to prolong the life cycle of the heritage fabric. A seismic movement joint was expressed in the transitional link between the structures, and provided an ethereal bridge between the old and new sections of the building that would become a communal space for residents.
The completed building provided 56 fully functioning units, a large open rooftop amenity space, and large multi-functional communal spaces for use by the tenants.
Photo: Gordon King
Architect: RMA+SH architects
Structural: Lelbe Engineering
Mechanical & Electrical: Everest Engineering Ltd.
Site Plan, Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Drawings, Construction Administration